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  • Battleship en Maths

    Los alumnos de 1ºESO están construyendo su propio juego Battleship para trabajar y repasar las coordenadas cartesianas y los puntos sim&…


    Here you have a video of our videoconference experience. These are the students we are visiting in November in Harwich (Massachussets). They study at Monomoy…

  • Are you superstitious?

    Students in 2nd ESO prepared a presentation about superstitions in different countries.

  • Shopping 2ESO

    These are some of the conversations students from 2ESO prepared and performed from oct, 19th. Enjoy them!

  • The Juke Box 2A ESO

    Here you have one of the posters made by 2 ESO A students. They're still working on the project THE JUKE BOX started in the…


    Students from 4º ESO have been working on their projects about music throughout the last decades. These are the porsters they've designed. After that,…

  • The Juke Box Posters

    Here you have some samples of the several decades 1 ESO students are working with.

  • Galician Language

    Emma, Mila and Laura teach us some Galician typical expressions, proverbs and curious expressions.

  • Galician Music

    Alberto, Sabela and Yolanda talk about Galician music: intruments, popular dances and a famous folk band.