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Últimos artículos en el canal Proyectos Europeos etiquetados con Varsovia 15-16

  • Visita a Cangas

    Los chicos de intercambio visitan Cangas.Tras la travesía,les espera la guía para mostrarles los rincones más bonitos…

  • Visita a Santiago de Compostela

    Un grupo de alumnos de Varsovia viaja a Santiago de Compostela con sus compañeros de intercambio.Visitaron la Catedral,las rúas,…

  • Wednesday.-Cracovia

    We had a very good time.We visited Cracovia,it was a long journey from Warsaw but it is a very interesting place to visit…

  • Warsaw.-Arrival

    When we arrived at Chopin Airport,our Polish partners were waiting for us.


    Our journey started with some difficulties. Our coach broke down near Viana and AUTNA sent taxis to go to the airport. We were about to…