The ground

Isabel Vázquez

Paul lives in Sevilla. There, the has got a big house with a wonderfun ground. The grouns are typical in Sevilla. 

One morning Paul decided to have breakfast in his ground. He went out with a cup of coffee and a spoon. At ten o'clock Paul finishes his coffee and goes to the house to put the cup in the kitchen but he forgets the spoon in the ground.

When he comes out, he spoon isn't here. Paul searcher for the spoon all over the place because this spoon was his grandmother's memory and she died seven years ago.

Paul is desperated and very sad because this is the only memory from his grandmother's. Paul lies on the floor and looks at the sky to relax. In this moment, he sees a wonderful small red bird. The bird has got Paul's spoon in her mouth. He start to shout at the bird and she falls to the ground. Paul pursuits the bird for all the ground. Finally, he captures the animal and catches the very important spoon. Paul is very happy for this and decides never have breakfast in the ground.

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